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BSS AR133 Active DI Box

BSS AR133 Active DI Box
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Price: $349.00
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Model: AR133
Manufacturer: BSS

The audio signal path of the BSS AR133 is an enhanced design based upon the long established BSS AR-116, now regarded by many as a reference unit.  The sound quality, particularly on acoustic guitar and bass guitar pick-ups, is recognised as outstanding.  The uses, however, are not limited to guitars or keyboards.  The AR133 is suitable for use whenever it is critical to match levels and impedances, sources need isolation or long cables are used.

BSS AR133 Features:
- Switchable input attenuation 0dB for guitar-type pickups -20dB for line level signals -40dB for speaker feeds
- Matches the level and impedance with unity gain without loading the source
- Can drive signals up long cable lengths
- Powered from console phantom power or internal battery
- Automatic switchover to battery if phantom power fails
- Parallel Link Jack output to feed amplifiers directly
- Parallel XLR input for converting unbalanced outputs to balanced lines

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