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QSC GX7 1000w/ch @ 4 Ohms Amplifier

QSC GX7 1000w/ch @ 4 Ohms Amplifier
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Price: $1,879.00
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Model: GX7
Manufacturer: QSC

QSC GX3, GX5 and GX7 amplifiers deliver just the right amount of power to the most popular speakers used by entertainers. Most loudspeaker manufacturers recommend an amplifier with power output equal to the speakers Program (Music) Power rating or two times (2 x) the Continuous (RMS) Power rating.

The GX3 is ideal for speakers in the 300 watt (Program) range, while the GX5 provides full performance for 500 watt (Program) speakers. Both models supply maximum possible power to 4 ohm and 8 ohm loads. Owners of popular 4 ohm loudspeakers (dual-woofer, two-way models and many subwoofers) will find the 700 watt (4 ohm) power of the GX5 an ideal match while the GX7's 1000 watts will very capably power many of today's popular subwoofers or two typical 8 ohm speakers per channel. 

- Power levels matched to the most popular speakers used by entertainers
- Optimized for maximum real-world headroom into 4ohm and 8ohm speaker systems
- Inputs: XLR, 1/4 inch TRS and phono input connectors for compatibility with any source
- Outputs: Speakon© combo accepts, 1/4 inch (TS) plugs or Speakon 2-pole and 4-pole plugs (connects 2 poles only). Binding posts support all other speaker wiring systems.
- Minimum depth chassis (10.1 inch/257 mm)
fits in compact, inexpensive effects racks
- Lightweight - GX7 only 7.5kg)
- Detented gain controls for precise setting
and matching of sensitivity
- GuardRail automatically protects the amplifier and loudspeakers from damage due to temperature rise or overdrive without shutting down the show
- Front panel LEDs monitor Power, Signal
and Clipping
- Subwoofer/Satellite crossover built-in

QSC GX7 1000w/ch @ 4 Ohms Amplifier
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